South Africa

I Received a call in 2013 from bishop Alberto Betao to attend the Jesus March in Brazil. It was the first time I heard about the march and by the grace of God I could attend it for the first time in 2013. Ever since I’ve been there every year and attended it for the 4th time in June 2017.

What an experience…what a divine moment. Words cannot really capture the greatness or magnitude of an event like this where literally millions of people stepping up and rolling forth like a sea of glory and thundering in adoration and prophetic proclamation that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is impossible to recap what is happening during these marches as it is far beyond the imagination of any man. It is the Lord Himself at work!

We shouldn’t even try to duplicate it. We know that the Kingdom of God is not about duplication, but of multiplication. By the grace of God a seed was dropped in my spirit that the time has come for Africa and South Africa to step up to a Jesus March. We had our first march here at Beula Park, Mount Zion in 2014. We were also favoured by God that the founder of the Jesus March in Brazil, apostle Estevam Hernandes and his wife with a delegation of about 30 people of his team in Brazil, attended this first march in 2014.

Although this march was a seed planting experience, we had literally hundreds of people that could testify that this prophetic act and display of unity is destined to open the gates and release the fire to the whole continent of Africa. South Africa is generally seen and referred to as the “gateway to Africa”, not only because it is geographically positioned as the most southern part of Africa, but also because it has been spiritually and prophetically secured over the years as a strategic entering point or gateway for spiritual breakthrough into Africa. If this is true, then we as South African believers have a major responsibility on our shoulders!