Apostle Estevam Hernandes is the Founder and President of the Apostolic Reborn in Christ Church. With the intention of promoting unity among the most diverse evangelical denominations in the country, he organises for over 21 years the March for Jesus (which is an event that takes place simultaneously in over 170 countries) in Sao Paulo and other cities.

It is worth saying that the ones in Sao Paulo are the biggest in the world, gathering as many as 5 million people marching together. Rio de Janeiro takes 3rd ranking in the world. Year after year more capitols in the world hosts the Jesus March. In 2009, President Luiz Inacio da Silva, signed a legislation whereby the Jesus March was placed as a National Holiday on the official national calendar. In Sao Palo, the Jesus March is receiving global recognition by the media. It even became a documented subject by the “National Geographic”. This March, the largest human manifestation in the world, corresponds directly with the unprecedented growth of the Gospel in Brazil. This contagious march that re-unites churches, congregations, organisations, people of all ages, races and nationalities, are up to 12 hours led by national and international Christian artists. People unite because of their faith, joy, thankfulness and prayers.