Get Involved

Register as an official participant of the Africa Jesus March in your area.

Make a Pledge

Make a pledge toward one of the initiatives, projects or activities at the 2018 Africa March for Jesus.

The Jesus March National Office

We have already set up a National Coordination Office at Beula Park and Mount Zion with full time staff to assist with registrations and general enquiries.

The basic outline of this march is to identify an assembly point, the march route and a designated end-point (venue like a stadium/sports ground, etc). The program is also reduced to three main activities:

  1. Pray
  2. Proclaim
  3. Praise

We also forward an appeal to all gospel singers to render their services for this special day.

Remember to timorously make all the necessary arrangements with local authorities e.g. Traffic Control, Healthcare Officials and Paramedics etc.

Although it is expected of every region or unit to take care of its own funding we have also established a national trust fund which is open for contributions and pledges.

Registered participants will received an official branding kit and guidelines pertaining to the use of the official Africa March for Jesus logo, branding and merchandise. You can also order marketing material and branding elements on the Africa March for Jesus website.