About Beula Park International Conference Centre

The vision of Beula Park is to utilise the facility as a national and international Conference, Prayer and Resource Centre that will not only be instrumental in the expansion of God’s Kingdom, but will also contribute to the promotion of unity in the Body of Christ. The three divisions of the CPR Centre at Beula Park are distinctive, not only in their geographical outlay:

Conference Centre

Beula Park is a well established, highly regarded events destination that has become one of Johannesburg’s function, team building and conference venues of choice. 

Prayer Centre

The Mount Zion Prayer Hill is established as a platform for the accommodation of individual prayer partners, intercessors, prayer groups and ministries across denominational and church boundaries. 

Resource Centre

We offer a variety of education and training programs as well as Ministerial and Vocational training programmes. This facility was established to deliver on the requirements of resourcing, education and development